Keeper of the Swamp

By silvertree on June 18th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Hey, this is the new look of my necromancer. :)

For story-lovers:
During the Pact’s strike against Zhaitan a disgusting prisoner escaped and hide from his followers. Nobody was able to find him. But after a while there were rumors in the wind telling about a big, black haired Norn, that assaults passenger in the swamp. This was the hint the Pact needed.

To follow the prisoner and to capture him the Pact assigned somebody with special knowing and the necessary abilities to survive in the dangerous swamp. This person was known as the keeper of the swamp.

When the keeper entered the swamp he noticed traps that were left behind by the prisoner to suspend his followers. On top of that dangerous and toxic creatures made trouble. But after all, the keeper found traces at a shack in the swamp. Burning torches indicated that the prisoner, meanwhile known as the Mossman, was near.

Suddenly the Mossman appeared from the nowhere to attack the keeper. A flying axe injured the keeper, but he endured. Because of the unbelievable strength of the Mossman the keeper had to employ a ruse. He pretended to give up his plan, to leave the swamp and to tell everybody that he couldn’t find anything. But when the Mossman stopped attacking the keeper used a necrotic and toxic spell to stun him.

The Mossman did the mistake to underestimate the keeper of the swamp.

And special thanks to Hylek for giving advice ;)


Fashion Collector
Most Epic Screenshots i have ever seen *-*. Absolutely stunning :). Loooooove it. No one should understimate your necro. Keep it up
2015-06-18 4:01

Awesome!! :D and nice screens
2015-06-18 5:16

Best story and screens! Aslo very nice dyed and matched armor.
It's x4 gold Baby :D
2015-06-18 7:32

There it is!!!!!
Your screens are SO very cool :O
I already told you, i love your concept, great story too! ^,^
2015-06-18 7:54

Thank you all so much =)
2015-06-18 9:05

Mossman getting scary there. Nice unique look, swamp Fractal can be so atmospheric :)
2015-06-19 11:51

Fashion Guru
nice concept
2015-06-20 3:45

Fashion Guru
this is amazing :D
2015-06-20 13:24

First Style Supporter
Very nice, that puts you into gold. Well deserved.
2015-06-21 8:58

great mood. Lovely.
2015-10-11 8:51

Damn, awesome screenshots and great theme!!
2018-07-10 15:28