Chaos Elementalist (Deus Elemental)

By Deus on June 16th, 2015
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: White
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6 9
8 0
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Asuran look i created to match the Chaos weapon skins
hope you like it
tell me if you need more detailed in-game pictures or more lighting
suggestions are always welcome and ill respond with pictures and comment about them asap

unfortunately i don't have pictures of this look with the chaos weapons because this character is not level 80 yet (i'm working on it) you can imagine how they would look like because they are simple looking weapons

The original idea for this look is owned by el Cabi who is a D/D PvP Ele and he and his videos inspired me into pvp and into creating this look and theme by kind of altering his

if you want a bigger/closer look at the pictures here is the imgur link for all of them

EDIT: im planning on changing the daggers for the White Antique ones but i haven't decided yet

and yes the boots in the picture are not illustrious but like i said this toon is not lvl 80 yet and when i created this look i didn't have ascended boots


I dont like the gloves on this. Either you use a coat that cuts off the gloves or just use other gloves. Even tho you use the chaos weapons, they dont fit for me.
And why did you choose to dye the shoulders black? Since you have shadow abyss you should use it on that part especially. OR use black on the other parts to keep the details. The way you did it looks inconsistent to me :S
I love the idea of showing all the red eyes tho! It looks very cool :)
I think it needs some work, but got great potential!
2015-06-16 16:31

I like your idea for the shoulders ill change the black to shadow abyss right now

as for the gloves i was initially going to go for flame legion with White Dye but looked awful imo so i went with the radiant ones because when im zoomed out in a fight and i run around the movement of the arms and the glow kind stands out a bit and i like it but i will look into alternative skins for the gloves
2015-06-16 17:00

First Style Supporter
Very funny, I love it.
2015-06-16 17:00

NOTE: Changed Shoulder Dye 2# From Black => Shadow Abyss

Also looking for recommendations for an alternative Glove Skin
2015-06-16 17:01

@ratfeast Thank you xD
2015-06-16 17:03

Looks better with consistent black!
I would keep your gloves and use another chestpiece. Take a look at apostle or feathered chest. They cut off the gloves so that you dont have these bulky bits, but keep the glow! ;D
2015-06-16 17:11

what about Phoenix chest? it has detail on it
2015-06-17 11:21

Also another Idea. What about a black poly luminescent refractor :o
2015-06-17 15:10

Yeah Phoenix is awesome!
If you have a refractor, why not use it ^^ but doesnt it cover most of your appearence? Nothing i would permanently use i guess :P
2015-06-18 8:47