Luminescent Ranger

By Iris on June 15th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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4 14
13 1
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In this project, I try to pull on a a dye job to unify several layers of distracting details together. There are pieces which can not be dyed such as the Icy Diadem and the Zodiac Armor. In addition, there are Luminescent pieces which are so difficult to impose colors on. Enameled looks muddled and Electro is way too bright. Luckily, Imperial Red/Gold are happy fully saturated colors which won't compromise!

For this project, my ranger has to go under the knife (hic) and completely changed her face, hair, skin and glow color. The concept is a celestial/otherworldly warrior (ranger) who envelops her chest with an armor made of a leyline-like kind of energy which is also running through her veins and pooling into two magical orbs in her boots. Her hair also imparts the glow of that energy. Despite her strange appearance, she's quite attached to Nature and other living beings.

I hope you all like it. Feel free to leave a comment even if you don't :)


I like the use of the zodiac skin armor to show bio-luminescence, although I think it pulls too much attention away from the rest of the armor which is slightly understated in comparison to it, but I do like the color scheme you used.
2015-06-15 14:13

Fashion Collector
I love how the Diadem and zodiac work together, and even the caraprace shoulders, but i find the accent red color distracting. Maybe if it was might lighter, in the same tonal range (like pink), it wouldn't stand out as much. If you're going for ley-line, a soft lime green might even work as well. Just an opinion, but nice unique combo!
2015-06-15 14:17

I like your concept and tought process, but I dont think they dye on lumiscent works that well, especially on the metal part and also, I can't get my head around the fact that you didn't fully commit to zodiac, by giving her zodiac legs, too. Or AT LEAST cover them with some kind of pants. Right now it looks, like her top half was dipped in blu glittersauce.
2015-06-16 3:19

Fashion Collector
i fiddling around with zodiac/lumi armour atm too! i like this but it looks like a work in progress.. try the colour silver i think on the lumi. it really matches up with the zodiac blue!
2015-06-16 6:07

Fashion Guru
@musingstar: I was ambitious trying to match the shoulder pieces with her glowing purple hair. A reddit user gave me a suggestion to change it into Carapace. I subdued its color and the blue color seems to streamline better vertically. I think it clears up her busy palette a bit. Tell me what you think
2015-06-16 10:49

Fashion Guru
@minatauriel: The diadem is what had me start this project. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw how good it looks on my ranger. It gives her an impression of dignity, tranquility and serenity, yet it feels so cold to match with any other chest piece but the Zodiac. If I removed her red butterfly, my ranger would feel too cold; her skin is dark but her lip is pale. With the iciness of the armor, she would look... dead. Red is the touch of life. The butterfly is so contrast that it seems not a part of hers, but it attaches to her. In a way, my ranger doesn't appear to devoid of life.
2015-06-16 10:55

Fashion Guru
@DioHard: My sylvari isn't blue, I want to use the Zodiac chest piece, but I still want to keep her purple skin. If I was to fully commit to the Zodiac set, she would look out of place with her purple head and everything else blue. I use T3 leggings to mesh these two colors together. Even better, the T3 impart bioluminescent glow so that it doesn't lose to the brightness of the Zodiac armor in the dark. In your words, her top half is dipped in Glitter Blue which drips to her pants and pools at her boots. It looks strange and curious. That's exactly the effect I want to achieve!
2015-06-16 11:02

Fashion Guru
@Sugar I have been influenced by a friend who uses Zodiac armor exclusively. I have another complete work with my warrior. Hopefully I get to upload it soon ;)
2015-06-16 11:04

Well okay, then. You seem to have your mind made up ;)
2015-06-17 6:23