Karma Kameleon...

By Lorelilly on June 13th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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18 7
9 0
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Woo, was inspired by someones character in a music video, naturally it didn't turn out anywhere near planned...
Nonetheless I think it turned out pretty nicely ^^''

Originally I had the entire outfit black and red (hair red too), but I seem to have developed a love for black and
algae dye so I eventually decided to turn his hair black and take a combination of black red and green.
(Took a few tries to get the balance the way I liked it and voilla, meet Godreth X3)
jshfkjsdhf I still wish we could color the demon masque....

** decided I really liked the outfit better with gold instead of green so I changed from Algae to Sand dye.

Red black and green... GREAT =_='''' now I got Karma Kameleon in my head...
Loving would be easy if the colors were like my dreaaaaams red gold and greeen....
ARK~! -Throws fist in the air- Curse you brain!

** Shout to The Duck who pointed me into the direction of the music video, -Hearts- to the creator CrevlisZz
and go check the video out, it's very nicely made --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2xauqxLp0k

** I changed the boots from Trickster to Aetherblade, all but the main pic still has the trickster showing though...
Feel free to ask if you wish to see more screenshots with the aetherblade boots.
and! also feel free to tell me which one you like better.


I love the colours!
He looks very punky, quite fitting for a nekro :D
2015-06-13 10:51

Fashion Guru
Iiiik I love all your versions of this look! So FUNKY :D
2015-06-13 11:02

Thank you two so much!
I'm really liking the gold, still trying out different shouders and boots @[email protected]
2015-06-13 11:11

Agree with #Hylek :D
I like it a lot, well done!! :)
2015-06-13 11:50

Fashion Collector
( Goddamnit, comment system, let me post my full comment, uuugh! )
Ohh, gorgeous variations. :)
Looks very modern and punky, I like it a lot!

It's always nice to see some male characters in cool-looking light armors, because most of my friends just complain how they hate having to wear skirts.. :l
2015-06-13 12:02

Thank you two ^0^

It's the html brackets that cut your comments in half if you use them ;)
Tried using them in my toons description and lost half of what I wrote.
*Dies all melodramatically*
2015-06-23 8:34

I love this!!!!!!
2015-08-01 11:46