Sam Holyheart - Guardian

By SamHolyheart on June 11th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
Vote Breakdown
16 12
2 0
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My pride and joy. My main character from Beta's and launch. He has undergone many outfits and disappointed turn outs but for once, I've found a combination to suit his abilities.

Pic #1: Just a view.
Pic #2: Holyheart discussing with his generals about a plan of action. (Eye sight is a tad poor, he wears glasses when he reads.)
Pic #3: Inspecting his equipment before battle.
Pic #4: Communing with Legendary powers.
Pic #5: A prayer to Dwayna for the battle ahead of him.
Pic #6: Holyheart charging into the fight.
Pic #7: Defending the line.
Pic #8: Calling forth the Legendary power bestowed within him.
Pic #9 & #10: Character select screen front and back.


First Style Supporter
Very noble. Nice build.
2015-06-12 1:32

Agree with #ratfeast. I like screens :)
2015-06-12 7:49

Fashion Collector
its shiny, me love shiniesss~
2015-06-12 8:36

this is THE look for a holy human guardian :) very nice and original
2015-08-13 20:05