Kriegor, the Exterminator

By elbretto on June 5th, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
29 10
1 0
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"I kill vermin for a job."

"Eh'em, that is... ah.... all vermin except for my little Skritt buddy here! Isn't that right little buddy!" (sometimes I wish I didn't take pitty on him, but he was so cute as a pup crawling around after I exterminated his family, and I was out of poison). He carries my whiskey though, which I s'pose is useful. Heh... and you should see it when the little guy gets his teeth into a glowgrub! So much ooze..."

"Don't even get me started on all my extermination tools. Everything from Bomb Kits to Toxic Sprays, but without a doubt my favourite is my Sonic Tunneling Tool. You can really grind some pests up with that!"

"Anyway, being an exterminator is a great privilege. Our contracts take us to some pretty interesting places, although they're normally grimy as hell, not that we'd want it any other way!"


Just love the whole theme and creativity around it! :D
The armor-comb fits very well and the dyes fit perfectly!
The comb isnt very new, but the story around it is just so creative! ... ill give you a gold :)
2015-06-05 18:37

Fashion Guru
I agree with hylek there. Great backstory/concept and perfectly realized. Everything matches the theme.
2015-06-05 19:41

Totally agree with comments above.
I enjoyed reading your descriptions! ^^
2015-06-06 6:32

Fashion Collector
Love the idea behind this look, and great job with colors!
2015-06-06 12:07

Fashion Guru
Didn't I gave a gold to this magnificent look already?
Well...know it's done :D
Seriously, it's amazing! And the mini-skritt adds so much to it :D
2015-08-14 8:15

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2015-08-27 3:34

cool, reminds me a little bit of Bioshock, big daddy ;D
2019-01-03 14:49