Commander Dani Tyrell - Veteran Krytan Warrior

By Aerilyne on June 2nd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
17 22
4 0
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"Zhaitan has fallen, his magic is leaking into the world, and the other dragons are stirring to consume it. Mordremoth was awoken by Scarlet and is the front runner as the doom of the world. As Commander of the Pact I am responsible for the protection of the races of Tyria, and we have been idle for too long. After 3 years the assault on the Maguuma Jungle has begun, and we are already licking our wounds. The fleet is destroyed, the Sylvari are crazed, and many members Missing in Action or dead. My time has come again, onward to Maguuma, onward to Mordremoth, onward to Ascension."


Would've never tried or come up with it myself, but I'm really liking that top with that bottom~! ^0^
2015-06-02 7:15

Fashion Guru
Nice history
2015-06-03 4:07

Yay for t2 top :-)
I'm still thinking about using that one myself in some look^^
2015-07-09 8:43