The Keeper of the Grove V2

By Noodles on June 1st, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
8 4
8 0
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After browsing through the looks found here, I decided to give my main character a more "lively" appearance. I love the idea of a slightly armored Sylvari Earth Elementalist so I went for a more practical outfit. I'm very happy with the end result especially since the brown dyed design on the back of the Winged Headpiece looks like a tree branch and this goes very well with the Orchid Boots. I think it's very fitting of my character's race. I also love the two equipped Dragon's Jade Krises because of two reasons. The first one is that the blades appear as if they're made from the same mineral as the stones bound to the Arms of Koda. The second one is that the color of the threads at the end of the dagger handles resembles the color of my Sylvari.


Fashion Collector
Love how well everything matches and how earthy she feels. Gold!
2015-06-01 18:38

Thank you! :D
2015-06-01 18:48

Fashion Guru
I love the armor combination and the emerald dye is so pretty!! But, to me, it just looks a touch Christmas with green/red. (Sorry!) I do like it though, and it works well with the dagger.
2015-06-01 19:48

Thank you! I can now see a slight resemblance to Santa's little helpers. I think that adding the scarf will make it even more obvious. :))
2015-06-02 2:15

Hahaha I had same Christmas feeling :D
Anyway like it a lot! Armor combination is unique and coloyrs very vibrant :)
2015-06-02 16:06

Thank you! Now I'm looking forward to Christmas! :)
2015-06-03 0:06