Fluffy Fluffy Go Go

By Riva Of Aloria on May 30th, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
11 10
12 0
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Fluffy Flufy Go Go, Badass Charrior ;) haha


I love the dyes and weapon-choices.
And the main-pic is cool, all the photoshop things arent needet IMO ;)
2015-05-30 8:58

Riva Of Aloria
I Always Photoshop-ed the Main pic lol - It's kinda like my chars Title/sig xP
2015-05-30 9:05

Riva Of Aloria
(oh, The other pics are not photoshop-ed btw, thats me using "SweetFX" it's what my game actully looks like ;P just a fyi)
2015-05-30 9:06

Fashion Collector
u can never go wrong with T3 charr armor, its all about the dyes and face/body sliders, which u did very well done!
its a pity alot of good armor always clip here and there for charr.
2015-05-30 21:38

Riva Of Aloria
@Kurinn; i know :/ Helmets are the worst T.T
2015-05-31 5:46