Templar Knight of Dwayna

By Avendril on May 30th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
Vote Breakdown
2 7
7 0
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I wanted to create a look that would perfectly suit Guardian,therefore I have made this!

Thanks for help with choosing the helmet. :)


Riva Of Aloria
Try "Council Guard Helm" It's from the CM Dungeon
2015-05-30 8:46

Fashion Guru
I agree with Riva there, council guard helm might be nice.
The Vigils Honor Helmet might also be an option if you want to go more for the templar knight part than the dwayna part. The draconic helm might fit too.

Also a few general suggestions for your outfit. You might want to try out the council guard gauntlets, they have much more of a wing shape than the avenger gauntlets and might fit well. Another great piece of equipment i use on my own winged outfit together with the carapace legs are the glorious wargreaves.
Lastly you might want to try out different colors to fit better with the dwayna theme. Dye wise i feel like your outfit could be better.
2015-05-30 9:03

Indeed,The Council Guard Helm looks great,And i am happy with how it looks like now.Thanks for the help.
2015-05-30 9:52