ASHsassin :P

By Gonzalbus on May 26th, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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1 13
4 0
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"I live and die where secrets hide. I thrive where danger dwells. I´m a soldier in the service of the Ash Legion. I am the blade in the darkness. My legion teaches stealth. Patience. Deception. We fight where the Citadel commands, but only to aid the Ash Legion´s cause. Let the Blood Legion charge blindly to their deaths. Let de Iron Legion build their machines of war. You will find me in the shadows.."


I think it fits the Ash Legion well! Good job!
2015-05-27 2:10

Thanks you :D
2015-05-27 3:28

cool screenshots.
i think, that charrs as a thief are difficult to style. (warriors and guards should be easier) But you did a really good job. ;)
2015-05-27 4:05

Fashion Guru
Cool, really nice screenshots, especially the last which looks like he is about to jump and kill his victim.
2015-05-27 7:24

Yes, it was a bit complicated silvertree, because i wanted to give him a slim effect, that males charr can´t provide it very well, but it´s worth it, i really like the Ash Legion and the charr thiefs as well :D. Thanks for considering :).
And thx Ego, that screenshot its one of my favorites too :P
2015-05-27 9:48