Fatal ingenuity, deathly silent

By Jan Regal on May 24th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
21 17
3 6
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In-depth description coming soon.

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Fashion Guru
Amazing use of SE armor. Gold
2015-05-25 1:52

Glorious Bees
Fashion Collector
Gold for the awesome outfit and for getting nice screenshots and not shopping the hell out of them!
2015-05-25 4:06

Fashion Guru
love it. especially dye choice. keep it up :)
2015-05-25 5:14

Last Epiphany
Fashion Collector
light armor class wearing mainhand dagger secondhand axe? It doesnt exist
2015-05-25 6:55

I like it!
@Last Epiphany: Jan Regal is using mainhand axe and second hand dagger, necromancer can use them.
2015-05-25 7:05

Fashion Guru
I like it. Nice combination and dye choices.
2015-05-25 7:38

Very cool comb! Looks like heavy armor :O
2015-05-25 7:43

Fashion Guru
amazing screenshots
2015-05-25 8:23

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Thanks people! Again I ask kindly if you choose to vote for the worst ranking, to give an explanation why.

Cheers! :)
2015-05-25 9:41

It looks so ugly to me that why I give it the worst rating. I prefer colorful dyes scheme and royalty looks.
2015-05-25 10:34

Ehhhh, it look alright. Not super ugly like tatsuya said per say. Remind me of Fall Out 3. That being said, the enemies in Fall Out 3 are really ugly and I guess if you are going for the ugliest look possible then this is in the top 5 I ever see along with OE's characters. But OE's characters are more for trolls and lulz. This I feel like is between the borderline of trying to look cool and trying to be ugly. The Fall Out 3 Nostalgia is the only reason I don't hate it that much.
2015-05-25 10:45

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Funny comment, thanks! :))
2015-05-25 10:54

Lol ... after reading the dislike comments and seeing the bad votes i need to say something ... sry for spamming your look then Jan :S
This look is technically better than 90% of all the "i wanna be pretty" combs and IT IS NOT UGLY!!! This is what you get when you actually have a theme in mind and work towards a certain appearence. Most people just throw all pretty armor they have together and call it a great look, but they are ugly af, since they are missing any sense of concept and combination. This look doesnt want to be pretty, it wants to appear mechanic, heavy, protective. Using SE armor, which is like miner and construction worker themed, should already tell you that. A look is not always meant to be the glorious, heavenly god walking amongst mere mortals! If you are to close-minded to accept any theme other than "I wanna be pretty" just dont vote on styles that have actually more than 1 min of a thought-process behind it lol. Shitstorm over, Hylek out xD
2015-05-25 11:32

Glorious Bees
Fashion Collector
I could not have said it better myself, Hylek. There's more than just T3 cultural, Carapace, Phalanx and Viper armor in the game and Jan Regal has shown that here. Not everyone needs or wants to be a Pretty Pretty Princess(TM).
2015-05-25 11:59

Glorious Bees
Fashion Collector
Oh, and I wouldn't doubt that at least one No Medal was from someone that couldn't get over the fact that the screenshots weren't covered in Instagram filters and lense flares.
2015-05-25 12:01

Fashion Guru
I like it a lot, gg
2015-05-25 15:08

Fashion Guru
What with all the hates bruh. Make love not war yo. I like the armor combo. Don't see that often. I am using the Forgeman set for my midget ranger and I got inspired by fall out 3 so if that where you get the idea from then you have decent taste in games. Give a pretty post apocalypse feel. However, I would use a littler more dark green colors. Since this is a necro, and their skills are all green, the armor would feel kind of weird when using skills. Only thing I would change IMO. Also, like the fact that you didn't Photoshop it. I don't use any filters or Photoshop on any of my looks too beside cropping some images.
2015-05-25 15:50

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the passionate replies guys! ^^

People are entitled to think negatively about a look - it's just strange if you have a specific preference for colour and glamour, why you'd choose to vote on an obviously drab one! (Also, it'd be really good to see your outfits fellas ^^)

See ya!
2015-05-25 17:28

Fashion Guru
I'm not a huge fan of the armor, personally, but you've done such a great job of giving a light armor class a more heavy look.
2015-05-25 21:19

Really awesome!
2015-05-27 2:04

First Style Supporter
It looks like an antiqued Storm Trouper to me. Good job..
2015-07-06 14:44