Guardian of Tyria

By msinvogue on May 23rd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
4 15
5 1
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I wanted to create less 'heavy' look but at the same time make him feel safe behind that unbreakable armor and lead people to victory.
Colours look a bit different in actual game then at the log in screen unfortunately sorry not my fault. I really hope you enjoy this look and please Vote! Many thanks
Best Wishes from England!

Head- none
Shoulders- [Commander's Shoulderplates] in Country Blue colour
Chest- [Carapace Breastplate] in Abyss, Cobalt, Black and White colours
Gloves- [Carapace Gauntlets] in Country Blue, Ash and Abyss colours
Legs- [Vigil's Honor Tassets] in Country Blue, Lead and Abyss colours
Boots- [Banded Greaves] in Charcoal and Cobalt colours


The boots are a bit of a weak link here, but the rest looks very good.
2015-05-23 19:50

Fashion Guru
I really like the shape of the outfit, good job.
2015-05-23 21:53

Fashion Guru
I agree with the boots - and perhaps the shoulderpiece. They really let down what is otherwise a strong combination.
2015-05-24 3:55

What shoulders or boots would you recommend instead then?
2015-05-25 8:24

I really enjoy this look. Its one of the few where the man isn't overly decorated or huge. Thumbs up!
2015-05-27 2:26