Reaper Look

By JamesTheGent on May 16th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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1 7
9 0
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I was trying to go for a feathery look, kind of like the result. The headpiece will probably be the Reaper one. So yeah, what do you think?


Hmm - personally, I feel the shades of green could be a bit darker. Looks good otherwise!
2015-05-16 6:24

Fashion Guru
I like it, quite fitting for a reaper.
Have you tried a lighter color instead of the green? Maybe something blueish-green to fit with the icy theme of the reaper and the glof of the eyes in reaper shroud?
Also i would add more details to the gloves. Another icy color (look especially for metal dyes when sorting materials) for the metal might be great. Especially with the shape it has it might look frozen.
2015-05-16 8:22

Fashion Guru
I like it!
2015-05-16 9:02

Last Epiphany
Fashion Collector
the combination is good, the color are boring
2015-05-16 9:42

Fashion Guru
I suggest using shadow green. It give a darker and more fitting colors to the necro skills theme. If you want a sample check out my necromancer look for the colors it appear on cloths :)
2015-05-16 12:00