By Melia Belmon on May 9th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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9 0
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I need help with this one. I want to keep the look of the Nightmare Court Chest but I want to find a better pair of leggings and gloves. Do you have any ideas?

Carapace skirt has a "belt" that doesn't fit quite right.


Fashion Guru
Have you tried the Arah skirt? It works really well.
2015-05-09 5:09

Fashion Guru
You can try the carapace skirt, in my opinion it refers a little bit at "leafs" and "plants style" as the coat :)
2015-05-09 5:56

Fashion Guru
Well, try arah skirt, +1 ThePhantomfly
2015-05-09 8:23

Fashion Guru
Ah, that top was the bane of my existence. So pretty, but a pain in the butt to mix and match. I had it with the Profane legs for a while (took ages to get the dyes right, but it worked out pretty in the end!) - worth a look if you're after something less skirt-y :) x
2015-05-10 6:15