Burning Fantasy

By Elara on May 7th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
11 14
9 0
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I like the starter gems that Elementalists can choose from and have made outfits that go with each one for different builds. While playing Berserker staff, I wear the fire gem and I think this outfit conveys a sense of power and elegance.


Fashion Guru
I love it! Nicely done. ;)
2015-05-08 0:55

Fashion Guru
You've made the Flamekissed armor look really nice, here!
2015-05-08 1:28

Your character looks hot! "ba dum tiss" anyway it looks great! :D
2015-05-08 1:45

Fashion Guru
This look is indeed hot :))
2015-05-08 2:43

Fashion Guru
WOOOW! Nice dyes! Incredible :D Amazing
2015-05-08 4:11

Fashion Guru
It looks indeed powerfull and elegant, you realised your theme quite well.
But please leave the Legendary Staff away, Emberglow fits so much better and a random legendary can really drag down an outfit. ;)

I cant wait to see your designs for the other gems tho.
2015-05-08 8:23

Nice combo with super hot dyes!!! Personally i like colour-schemes, that fit the professions colour best.
I also cant wait to see the other gem-looks :O
2015-05-08 9:17