Naberius Of Riva

By Riva Of Aloria on May 5th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
4 13
5 0
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Naberius is my Main Guardian.
He's a Dark Holy theme that i've liked (He Takes after my Darkside of my personality where i just want to heal people to death with a mace to da face! XD)

Weapon's Used ~
Greatsword: Naegling [&AgFveQAA]
Staff: Deathwish [&AgFdawAA]
Hammer: Entropy [&AgGkrwAA]
Sword: Unspoken Curse [&AgFbeQAA]
Mace: Chaos Mace [&AgH0BQEA]
Scepter: Mistforge Hero's [&AgEJ+wAA]

Shield: The Mad Moon [&AgHYjAAA]
Focus: Mistforge Hero's [&AgET+wAA]

Backpiece: N/A (Will be Shadow of Grenth [&AgFHwQAA] )
Thanks ~ AvronChronozon.4170


The screens are very cool and fitting! I would highly anticipate the bone parts and the face of the helm to fit the bone-colour of the shoulders though :O
2015-05-05 5:55

Fashion Guru
I agree - I think a bit of white in the face would go well. Although, I do suggest going for a bit more of a faded boney colour (like a brownier white?), just to get away from the abyss/celestial thing. He's very dark, good job!
2015-05-05 7:33

Fashion Guru
Good job!
2015-05-05 7:48

Fashion Guru
I never liked this armor combination and dye sheme but here it actually works and looks good.
As the others said i'd add a bit of bone to the face and go for a less plain white color. Maybe mithril or ivory.

Also the godskull weapons might be worth to check out.
2015-05-05 8:10

I like this. Reminds me of a jester of sorts. Neat.
2015-05-05 9:02

Item combinations are solid, theme wise spot on and it looks pretty darn good, golden!
Edit: (with an eye on Gewreid's post) I think there's just enough hints of white on there as it is.
2015-05-05 10:37

Riva Of Aloria
@Those who were talking about a whiter face, I Do agree with that Fact that it should, But alas I find if i do Change the colour because of the Meshes of the face the Textures get corrupted with lighter colours (gets screen shot)
2015-05-05 13:10

Riva Of Aloria
If you think that Picture would work, Ill Change it ;P
2015-05-05 13:11