The Moon Sage

By Noodles on May 4th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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3 7
6 0
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The Moon Sage is a healer alternative to my tankish Sylvari Elementalist, Lyralei Ebonleaf. Because of the staff's blue glow at night, I like to roleplay that Lyralei's abilities are at their strongest when the moon stands proud atop the sky.


Fashion Guru
The armor colors dont really match the staff. As you got some carapace pieces, have you tried luminescent armor? Im not a huge fan of that set but depending on how it dyes it could really go well together with the staff.
Also i think you have the same problem as with your other outfit. Simple and not too flashy dyes are fine but i think there just isnt enough variation and its overall too dark.
2015-05-04 9:09

I get what you're saying. Luminescent armor is way too flashy on this character for my tastes. And overall I wanted to create a contrast between the color of the staff and the color of the armor. I picked this dye combo because of the name, Moon Sage. The moon in the night sky is ultimately a light in the dark and this is exactly what I wanted to show in my look. The armor is the night sky and the staff is the moon.
2015-05-04 9:18