Mythal - Ele of Fire

By Mythal on May 2nd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
Vote Breakdown
11 20
3 0
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So after a lot of tweaking I finally found a mixture of armors that I liked on Mythal. She's based around what I actually look like, and I wanted a colour scheme that matched my bias towards using fire as well as using my favourite colour of orange in a way that wasn't too overpowering. Personally, i'm happy with the outcome.


i like the skirts and boots, nice combination, but well together looks really nice :) flower and blond hair :) love it
2015-05-02 20:28

Thank you! The flower is more of a sentimental piece of an inside joke, so I wear it regardless. But I really wanted something that was very 'me'. It's so lovely to see other people liking it too!

I tired to have some form of flow by picking pieces that were different but could work together with small accents.
2015-05-02 20:36

Fashion Guru
I'm a huge fan of the skirt - it's completely underrated. Lovely dye job, too.
2015-05-03 1:58

Fashion Guru
^ agree :D well done, nice dyes! The head piece of the flamekissed armor would be PERFECT here, ik its expensive..maybe one day..think about this idea! She will become a real fire mage ;D
Maybe the fervid rose as back would be better too..however I like her, gold!
2015-05-03 2:54

Fashion Guru
NIce, good job :D
2015-05-03 3:06

I love the little pouch details on the Whisper's skirt which is why I like using it. It is very underrated!

Ah I never thought about the flamekissed headpiece, I should have a mess around with that, thank you for the suggestion :D
2015-05-03 9:05

This is a pretty common look at first glance, but the details make your look stand out and its very stylish and classy! Gold for this lovely lady.
2015-05-06 3:41

Thank you so much!
2015-05-06 9:14

the dark-red color on the white skin.. sweet!
good taste! :D
2015-11-12 16:50