My Asuran necromancer

By Zombie Boo on May 1st, 2015
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Hello! I just registered on this site because I need some help! I’ve been running with this look for a while now and I think it needs a little change. I’ve been messing around with different armour pieces in the past but have given up and I’ve decided to just change the dyes for now. The concept behind the look was the Aetherblade light goggles which I love! I wanted the colour of the goggles to match with the colour of the Savant t3 chest armour glowing (padding? Is that the word?). However as you can tell it kinda flopped. I had to go with a very light dye on the helm in order to obtain a decent redish colour on the goggles to match. Sad part is that the goggles doesn’t glow unlike the chest armour does. Perhaps there are colours that do? I’ve tried “icing dye” (very bright white) but I didn’t really like it. I could really use some help!
These are the current dyes:
Black Cherry (dark red)
Enameled Perseverance (greenish-blue)
Shadow turquoise (almost black) I’m using that since “abyss” looks gray and I cannot afford “shadow abyss” atm
Cyanide (turquoise) on the leggings mostly to fit with the other armour pieces
Feel free to give suggestions regarding the armour pieces as well if you so desire!
Thank you in advance!


Fashion Guru
The whole combination of armor is awesome IMO. For dyes, have you try shadow green dye? It not that expensive and give a really nice dark green look on cloth which suit the necro skills theme perfectly. Maybe try it in place of the blue you are trying to match? But the armor combination is cool already imo.
2015-05-01 18:35

Fashion Guru
I also really like the armor composition, it is a great choice of peaces that fit perfectly together and create a cohesive look/theme.
Im not entirely sure about the dye sheme. Have you tried determining which parts of the armor are which material (cloth, leather, metal, magic asura crystal thinies...) and dying them accordingly in realistic tones?
I think such an aproach would fit especially well with the choice of armor you made.
2015-05-01 20:44

Zombie Boo
Thank you so much for your feedback! :) @xKratos, I haven't tried the shadow green dye - you read my mind, should have mentioned that I've been looking for a greenish look for a while now!
@Gewreid, regarding materials, I haven't really thought of it! I'll look into it! Thank you for the tips!
2015-05-02 4:09

Fashion Guru
I agree the combo is nice. But the dyes could use some work. I think it has huge potential
2015-05-02 8:50

Fashion Guru
Nice combo, but maybe another dyes. Good job
2015-05-02 11:27