Suki, Kyoshi Warrior

By alvenawilliams on April 29th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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I think I've finalised the look so far. I've attached up to date screenies as well - please tell me what you think!


So I'm definitely going with the Chronomancer for Suki. It's a lot easier to find light armour that suits the style.

I've also posted images of my mesmer with a rough look.


So with the new fan skin for the focus coming out soon, I'm going to try to cosplay Suki from Avatar: the Last Airbender. I think that guard would be best given the weapons the Warriors use (fan (focus) sword and shield), although if Chronomancer becomes a thing in HoT then that's another option!

Would greatly appreciate help. I've got the weapons down, but I'm now looking for help with the armour.


Fashion Guru
uhm.....any pictures of your real character? Since you list all the armors parts if you can show the current dyes and armors in game we maybe able to help but honestly, I would wait till the weapon skin is out before doing anything.
2015-04-29 23:55

Fashion Collector
can you post screens of what you have already?
2015-04-30 0:10

Fashion Guru
here is a idea:
2015-04-30 5:01

Fashion Guru
ah, i see you want use heavy. This is hard.

Maybe: Imperial Outfit


Draconic Legs (is the longest skirt)

Priory's Historical Pauldrons

Ascalonian Protector Breastplate


Booots: ??

i hope i can help.

2015-04-30 5:17

Fashion Guru
good idea, i love me some avatar:)
2015-04-30 5:55

Have you tried the Arcane Outfit?
I guess that if you choose the correct dyes you can get it very similar ^^
2015-04-30 7:14

Fashion Collector
Good suggestions so far. Yes, please post screenshots.
2015-04-30 14:30