First Enchantress

By Saint on April 29th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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16 0
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This look is a tribute to the classic "Blue, Red, and Gold" color scheme of Mages and Enchanter classes,

Now, Alessa was my first character and I always told myself I would steer clear of Human T3 on her. There is no shortage of Human Female Elementalists in T3 armor but I found that few T3 components used here really helped put the look together.

In my opinion, this look appears exactly how I image a powerful magic user. The Wraithe Masque and the Fractal backpiece are both chosen because they appear to be "teeming with energy." I think that really sums up what an Elementalist is about; raw energy being harnessed by the user.

The T3 was used because the metallic bits really added that "heavy accented" look I wanted for the gear. The Fire God's Vambraces were small enough to not be overbearing and a similar replacement could be found in the Human T3 Vambraces if you do not have the HoM points necessary.

As always, I hope ya'll find something you like here to use for your characters!


Fashion Guru
Imho the Backpiece doesn't really fit together with the rest of the outfit.
2015-04-29 14:52

I'd like to see a view from the character page, the colors and outfit would be clearer
The dyes seems to match and gives a rich and nice feeling but not overbearing,
however I agree that backpiece and even headpiece doesn,t fit well with the rest
You have this white/purple thing confronting rich blue gold and red
As for your "heavy look"
I'd go somewhere along the line of seer, koda, or illustrious armor.
Tier 3 and masquerade still have that "clothe" uncovered feeling to them despite the steel

Overall, good choice of dye, good mix of armor, but change backpack and headpiece to something more fitting (or the dyes)
However the heavy look cannot be achieved if more than 75% of skin is exposed and rest is hidden mostly by thin clothes and bras
My own opinion ;)

2015-05-15 0:46