Caterina Barrett

By Xhulifactor on April 3rd, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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1 4
3 2
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I Like the basic look of this outfit. it's currently in white and gold to work with the staff/ scepter I like. Haven't found any shoulder pieces that work well with it, Nor have I found a Helmet I like. I was wearing the Ice crown from HoM but took It off when I had to Change the colors.

I do not like the shoulders that come with the outfit.

Head: Ice Lord's Diadem (Not show due to Color)
Shoulders: Exalted Mantle tiny Little Piece. not integral. looking for better
Chest: Sorcerer's Coat
hands: Fire God's Vambrace
Legs: Sorcerer's Legs
Feet: Sorcerer's Shoes

Colors: Dijon, Blue Ice.


Take a look at my mesmer. I use the Arah shoulders and ascended gloves.
2014-04-03 13:47

Looks good on your picture =) I'll mess with the previews and items when I get home and can log in. thanks! =)
2014-04-03 17:12