Looking for advice, human female heavy

By Dayfell on April 17th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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4 0
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Hey, I'm currently creating a new human female guardian and I want some advice on how to make her look great!

I'm wanting to keep blue involved in the colour scheme, and hopefully white as well as most of my characters are darker, I thought I should make a lighter one for a change

The hair I'm wanting to use is included, it hasn't been applied yet until I'm sure it's perfect


Fashion Collector
This already looks pretty solid though, what do you want help with specifically?
2015-04-17 9:32

Only advice i got is blue ice. Love me some blue ice.
2015-04-17 9:43

Fashion Guru
Overall the look is very nice. If you wanted, you could add in a few more shades of blue (and/or white or gray), but that's optional. And I love that new hairstyle!
2015-04-17 9:51

Fashion Guru
I personaly think this haristyle doesn't work with the top u choosed :/ i hate clipping ^^

I use the same hairsstyle with the T2 top:

or u go for the shorter haricut:

i know just my personal toughts ^^

over all i would maybe try colors with more contrast or u like it like it is idk :)
2015-04-17 10:00

The face you made in the picture is very baby-faced and I feel like the hairstyle is very "grown-up." Maybe try more cutesy hairs like the short hair, or having your hair up, etc.
Also, I suggest using dyes from your weapon. :) Like maybe having red hair or black hair, etc. Something that can emphasize that "LOOK AT ME I HAVE A LEGENDARY!"
2015-04-17 13:11

Ah, the problem with matching my weapon is that I have almost all Legendaries so I can't really match them well, so I try to disregard them a bit!

I really like the hair style but I might have to make a compromise with the armour so it doesn't clip as much, but then again I am planning on purchasing the perma hair kit so I can change it up a bit

Regarding the colours, I'll try some blue ice and see how that goes
2015-04-17 13:35

Fashion Guru
Nice face *-* Nice look *-*
2015-05-10 16:53