Kezia Plato - Set 2/3 - Mightdispenser

By DioHard on April 13th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
10 13
6 2
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This is the second of my three armorsets for my guadian.
It is aimed at beeing supportive, while also dealing a decent amount of damage.
She is critting and giving might to her allies, while obtaining ferocity when healing.
The set is aimed to look combat-ready and sturdy. While still beeing colred to match a guardian rather than a warrior. The Hairstyle for this set is short and fierce. There is still enough movability in this armor but not quite as much as in my other two.

Not too sure about the weapons yet. Mainhand sword/offhand focus is for sure. Dunno what the second set will be. Probably ranged.


Fashion Guru
I like the armor combination but maybe you can use a darker blue dye and a shinier gold dye? Make it look more majestic
2015-04-13 16:02

I think the colors are great and the armor at a glance looks awesome but the more i look at it the more I notice how different pieces all clash, there is no unifying theme here. That being said the look is actually pretty cool.
2015-04-13 22:13

Thanks guys! I will try a brighter gold, but the blue is my favorite color, so i probably won't change that-
@Binxy: Yeah, I kinda see what you mean. I don't know what I could change tho. Maybe the gloves for illustrous?
2015-04-14 2:51