Golden Guard

By Leozyn on April 11th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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9 0
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That is my guardian guys.
Helm: Knights Primeval
Shoulder: Burden of Kolda
Hand: Ascalonian Protectors
Chest: Knights ilustrious
Leggings:Gresping Deads
Boots: Berserker Armagedon
(i acctually changed the colors in the leggings, and forgot to back to normal, so i changed in the description :D )


Fashion Collector
You've got a lot of different pieces with a lot of different styles that are clashing. The Helm and Boots feature harsh looking spikes and plate that looks layered with no emphasis on angles or curves. The Chestpiece looks more ornate, with gentle curves. The shoulders feature thick, rigid lines. The gloves manage to look like they belong with the helm and boots, although lacking the harsh decor, and the leggings look scalloped and tattered, slapdash.
2015-04-12 1:05

Fashion Collector
Yep, few of the pieces look like they fit eachother. But the dye job is good.
2015-04-14 21:02

Ty guys, gotta work a little more on him ^^
2015-04-15 13:55