Aged Wood

By Jorr the Brawler on April 4th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
11 13
3 0
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My world-exploring Sylvari, made to resemble a natural mix between iron and growth.


Love the look. Allot of complementing armor choices and colors. I don't think the gs fits the look (even though he is sylvari) and the back piece is kind of offsetting. But if it has some special story to him ageing then I have no room to argue.
2015-04-04 23:04

Fashion Collector
Yeah, I'd remove the backpiece and replace the weapon with a Krytan skin. Otherwise, really well done.
2015-04-04 23:39

Fashion Guru
I agree with the two above on the greatsword and back piece. Although Im not sure what greatsword to use. Apart from that It looks really good. Gold from me.
2015-04-05 5:27

Fashion Guru
Ah, i love it when someone manages to blend cultural and regular armor an a sylvari well. The wood and metal look really good together.
2015-04-05 5:55

Don't change the gs. You don't need to be completely uniform and it emphasizes the theme you are going for.
I can't think of a better gs to do that currently.
You could try to add a bit more modest green details to the armor, like you did with the shoulders and it would be perfect.
The backpack is a personal choice I can understand.
2015-04-05 6:17

I like the grungy look, really cool and earthy!
2015-05-08 15:39