Prototype: Winged Revenant

By Gewreid on April 4th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
3 17
4 1
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With the release of HoT drawing nearer (albeit slowly) i thought it was about time to already gather ideas for how my revenant will look like.
I finally decided on this because the wings fith the whole afterlife idea as well as looking like a mage in heavy armor. And they fit the ebonhawke weapons really well wich are perfect to kick that sylvari hating traitor rhytloks behind.
The colors are mainly iron and sand with a few slight changes where it fits.

Im happy with the concept so far but cant really decide for shoulderpiece, helmet and most importantly gender.
If you have suggestions for other pieces or the dyes, they are of course welcome as well.


I love the one in the middle *_*!
2015-04-04 11:08

Fashion Guru
yea i agree with Artixera too. middle for me :3
2015-04-04 12:31

Fashion Guru
I like the female one with Sylvari helmet and hammer most. :3 Looks really cool!
2015-04-04 12:50

Sakigami San
Fashion Collector
1st and second look pretty awesome :D
2015-04-04 15:46

Fashion Collector
i love the one in middle but with helmet on the first one ;)
2015-04-27 14:01

Fashion Collector
Gonna say the left one.
2015-08-28 14:52