Lioness Queen

By Lunicia on March 31st, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
16 12
9 0
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This is my Lioness Queen :-3


That crown looks gorgeous :D
Love the color combination, good job!
2015-03-31 11:00

Fashion Guru
Oh gosh, she looks so amazing! I love everything about this. :)
2015-03-31 12:05

Fashion Guru
I dont like char (thats why i dont have any, but 30+ chars total)

but i like urs *-*
2015-03-31 17:03

Fashion Collector
Love it! Really, really cool and majestic! :3
2015-04-02 2:00

Thank you so much all for your comments ! :-3
I have put so much work into this toon so it's great when people tell you it is looking good ! :-)
2015-04-02 6:33

Fashion Guru
I really like the face-furcolor-eye-crown combination! :3 I like the armor, too, cause it its for her (even if I don't like the pants so much). But when I look at the first screenshot, the anatomy just looks wrong. I don't know exactly, why, but I think the head is too big and the arms look so big, too, but I think the arms are just cause of the gloves. I think I personally would reduce the head size a bit and choose other gloves that look not too heavy. But really nice work!! :3
2015-04-03 13:16

Lady Katarina
This is beauttiiffulll! Charr are so hard to customize that you deserve something higher than a gold for getting one look this good ^^
2015-04-30 8:05