By Althea on March 23rd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
16 22
11 1
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Yes, white is my favourite color :) This look might be a bit stereotypical but I believe beauty lies in simplicity.


Maeve Mavolent
I agree with Coco Chanel and Christobal Balenciaga, elegance is simplicity. Yet there is hardly anything simple about those gloves and don't get me started on those shoulders! Ditch them all around and swap the radiant gauntlets for conjurers and you'll look really stunning.
2015-03-23 19:57

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
I normally hate celestial, and while it's pretty boring to use all a single dye, I can appreciate the matching your look to your staff. I think the gloves are too large, if you want to keep the glow, maybe use a top that has sleeves that hide the bracers, leaving the glowing on the hand without having the clunky effect of the large gauntlet. Shoulders gotta go too, they're tacky over used and never looked good to begin with
2015-03-23 23:48

I think the gloves look a little out of place but they also go really well with the eyes and the weapon so its 50/50 for me, I can appreciate them. I really like the way the phoenix looks with the bottom you chose. I think im in the most shoulders for light are hideous category with these guys but here it kind of works by simulating wings.

The shoulders and gloves do throw off the look a little bit but as much as I'm fighting it I think you just barely have earned a gold from me, nice look.
2015-03-24 2:53

You're right, gauntlets really look too large and heavy.. I made an updated version and I like it better, but I miss the Arah wings a little bit :) Anyways, thanks for the critique everyone!
2015-03-24 14:07

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
Oh it looks so much better now! You look so graceful! Those are some gorgeous screen shots, the lighting is wonderful!! Gold from me now :)
2015-03-24 18:54

so simple, so amazing :)
2015-04-08 7:02

Thank you! ^^
2015-04-18 0:04

The look all together is very fitting - but I also think it's because it's only using one color. Doesn't contain much character or originality but you blended well with the armor choices.
2015-04-26 3:36