Dark Avenger

By xuebi on March 21st, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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1 4
9 2
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My guardian


Fashion Collector
Not sure what you're going for, here. You've got a lot of conflicting pieces, insofar as they don't compliment each other in theme or how they draw the eye. You've got jagged/rough layered pieces, finely crafted ornate inlay, and pieces that imply heavy mysticism, all vying for attention.

As such, you've drowned the details in abyss, which means you're not really showing anything but the contrast of the armor against your skin, the flames, the tattered cloth and the inlay.

I think the shoulders compliment the top very well, and the arched overlapping from the leggings on the thigh compliments the similar structure of the boots. I think you should take ONE of those themes and run with it.

In short, ornate design and slapdash barbarism run contrary to each other, and the abyss diminishes rather than adds to the look.
2015-03-21 18:40

Annette Langmar
Fashion Guru
Comment above says it all. mixing black and orange is immediately going to take us to Halloween, and that's fine if that's the look you're going for, but in this case I don't think you were going for anything. Just lacks vision.
2015-03-22 5:47

Stopped looking immadiately after seeing the chestpiece and legs, that just doesnt work at all.
2015-03-22 12:52