Tradheil, the toxic Shroom

By Gewreid on March 11th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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19 15
4 0
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My second Guardian, Thradheil. I was never too fond of blue Sylvari but decided to give it a try and i am really happy with the result. Its one of my favourite character designs now.


This is brilliantly done, and the balance of colors here is perfect.
2015-03-11 21:24

Fashion Guru
Well thank you very much Etheus! I really appreciate your praise.
2015-03-12 0:17

Great set&colors, gj!
2015-03-13 7:01

Fashion Guru
Excellent coloring! Good use of the backpiece too.
2015-03-26 23:15

Fashion Guru
I like his look :D I think I personally would color the metal parts in another color, so that it's not the same as his 'skin' tone, especially the spikes from the gloves would look more dangerous if they where made from metal. But he looks really cool. :D
2015-04-05 16:41

Fashion Guru
Thanks for the feedback. I tried out dying the spikes differently but wasnt too happy with the result. I couldnt get a really metallic color on the spikes i am happy with and i cant really dye the spikes alone, only most of the gauntlet. So i decided to just do everything in his skin colors to make it look more like a part of himself.
2015-04-05 18:05

Fashion Guru
Outstanding! A refreshing use of rarer skins that complement quite nicely with both your sylvari's skin and pattern color. Also, clever use of the hairstyle and pattern choice. They match the back piece very well and certainly give the appearance of a toxic sylvari.
2015-04-15 18:12

Fashion Guru
Weapon doesnt match the set at all. Lack of color. Monochrome. Bronze.
2015-09-03 17:57