_A Zodiac Guardian

By Zirconia on March 7th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
65 17
11 3
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My elementalist's new look. I've used again the lawless gloves, I'm in love with them :p
This staff fits well with the helmet.
Hope you like it, for me this is the first time I'm really satisfied for a look on her :D
Idk why the armor look darker in screenshots..so I put the char selection screen too, probably I've done screens on night.
I've took screens in Wayfarers Foothills.


Malva Whiteflame
She looks really nice, and I know I'm probably one of the few liking Zodiac stuff. ^^
2015-03-07 7:06

Fashion Guru
@Malva Whiteflame: thnx c:
2015-03-07 7:10

Fashion Guru
Love the look :)
2015-03-07 9:34

Fashion Guru
@SuperLiZzziie: Ty lizzie :)
2015-03-07 9:39

Fashion Guru
It is surprising that you managed to create such a beautiful look out of the Zodiac set I have to say. I really like it and it fits your sylvari just right. Congratulations.
2015-03-07 14:15

Fashion Guru
@Beanna: Ty so much for compliments!
2015-03-07 14:18

Awesome look and maybe try using zodiac weapons :P but ya gold for me.
2015-03-07 20:49

Fashion Guru
@walaylisz: Maybe I will buy zodiac staff one day, it's expensive and I have Bifrost :p thnx for the gold!
2015-03-08 6:30

Fashion Collector
Jaw dropping screenies Zizi.
Great job
2015-03-09 16:29

Fashion Guru
@Jeargro: Thnx:D
2015-03-09 17:17

2015-03-15 7:14

Fashion Guru
@ceci: ty!
2015-03-15 7:19

Fashion Guru
Looks really amazing, and the screencaps are so nice, gosh!
2015-03-18 14:25

Fashion Guru
@lyriumnug: So kind thnx c:
2015-03-19 4:42

I think this is the first time i've seen someone pull off zodiac armor skins and it actually looks really nice, great job!
2015-03-22 7:17

Fashion Guru
@Daze: Oh thank you! c:
2015-03-22 7:38

Fashion Guru
Awesome! Nice to see the Zephyrite helmet being used, it's a perfect match.
2015-03-27 10:09

Fashion Guru
@toohairylegs: thnx so much!
2015-03-27 10:29

Fashion Guru
Magnificent! This look is very unique and shines in all the right places: armor, weapons, and color. I love everything about it.

Props to the armor combination. You chose some rarely seen skins and harmonized them quite well together. Zodiac armor is notoriously difficult to work with and you managed to make it look like part of a set with the Glorious skins. The inclusion of the Zephyrite Helm was also a nice touch, it fit naturally with the rest of the armor. And while I am partial against the Lawless gloves, I think you pulled them off quite well. They're a flawless match to the staff you chose and they even look like they were made of the same material.

The colors palette really ties this all togehter. I admire that you didn't go for a White or Celestial dye but chose to stay within shades of blue.

And as always your screenshots never fail to amaze me. They always manage to bring out the personality of your character.
2015-04-15 0:37

Fashion Guru
@Ursaring: Oh thank you so much! I'm really glad you like so much all these details on her look! *heart*
I haven't celestial on my palette, and I think I don't need it, it's so overused! c:
2015-04-15 2:47

This is so very unique and stylisch!!!!
Choosing the zodiac armor AND zephyrite helm skin is extremely hard to pull off in seperate combs, and you even managed it to make them shine within one! :O
The metallic dyes are so well chosen! LOVE it!!!

Also, congrats to your various entries within the leaderboard, you deserved it ^,^
2015-06-13 21:22

Fashion Guru
@Hylek: hey Hylek! thank you so much for your compliments and congratulations to you too ;D
2015-06-14 3:29

I like this alot! I love the use of the Zodiac skins!
2015-11-05 16:14

Fashion Guru
Beautiful character! I am always a bit worried when people are using the Zodiac armor because it's hard to make it look authentic but you totally nailed it! It looks so perfect on your Sylvari, everything just fits well together and I love the outfit and the dyes a lot. Your screens are amazing! I am just in love with her
2016-01-13 18:51