Blueshade Thief

By Sekuso on February 28th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Silver
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2 11
8 0
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I attempted to create a more blue shaded subtle thief. Therefore I used the dyes blue shade (duh), Tarnished steel (for the belt and inner parts of the breastplate and arrogance on the to separate the blue from taking up the whole set. I think the colors blend quite nicely with each other and at the same time highlights parts of the armor.

The armor:

Stalkers Visage
Council Watch Shoulderguards
Striders Tunic
Sneakthief Gloves
Striders Leggings
Magitech Boots

My choice of using both Striders parts is due to the fact that they look very good together and also has a lot of detail to them (the front part of the chest looks great with the tarnished steel and the arrogance fits the lines of the legs). I hope I din't hit any cliches (like tier 3 sneakthief threadmill) :)

I do have Incinerator, but I felt the Fractal dagger fit the look more and Rox's Shortbow fits perfectly with the colours aswell!


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