Post-Apocalyptic Engineer

By Kytromal on February 3rd, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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3 13
4 0
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Going for a classic, yet sorta gritty look with my Engineer.


Really like where you took these screenshots, but the look looks really cool aswell c:
2015-02-03 2:51

Would try incorporating more cloth/metal into your outfit to match the theme. Your dye scheme is fitting but the Ascalonian Chest is leathery and gives the overall outfit a Medieval Archer/Guardsman look.

For that post apocalyptic look try combining old ragged looks with new tech. This gives the impression that your character has been around long enough and has battle worn armor to show as well as salvaged/build components.
2015-02-03 14:07