Frost Queen

By Parsec on January 20th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
11 12
7 0
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Deciding between carapace boots and the t3 boots; I'm open to suggestions. Also having difficulty picking between gold metalics or silver (silver seems a bit more frosty however I'd need suggestions on a better silver to use). Another qualm I have is that the gems on the legs die to the same colour of the cloth, I wish that they could be separate like the shoulders.


Fashion Guru
I really like the picture you used as the main picture, looks fine to me :)

The gold in the other pictures seems a little too much to me though, I like the softer look from the silver like dye.
2015-01-20 15:19

Thanks for the feedback I definitely agree with you! :)
2015-01-21 10:26

Totally into the choice of dye's you went with, it's simple and does the job! Only thing (might be a bit irrelevant) is perhaps another style of hair
2015-02-01 23:36

2016-05-21 17:15