Yellow Rose

By chiuna on January 8th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Yellow
Vote Breakdown
21 17
10 2
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Originally I wanted to make a look that would match the bright yellow of the Fervid Censer, but that proved to be very difficult. Instead I got her some sovereign weapon skins and matched her armor colors around those. She is wearing an Assassin's Coat (Human T3 Cultural), Nightmare Gauntlets(TA), Magitech Leggings, and Magitech Boots. The dyes used were Banana, Lemon Ice, Pastel Lemon, and Spring Leaf.


Fashion Guru
What is going on in the first picture? Is she upside down?
2014-01-08 18:18

Fashion Police
Yeah, she was upside down so I rotated the whole image to make her right-side up.
2014-01-08 19:00

Nice screenshots :)
2014-04-27 16:26

looks really great, love this longbow actually :)
2015-05-26 16:33

Fashion Guru
I usually don't like the armor form which the top is from, but this outfit rocks! and the shot you took is awesome!
2015-06-26 15:46