Royal Fighter Guardian

By Onsz Skiller on January 18th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
3 8
7 0
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Adventure's Scarf

Protectors Shoulderplates

Illustrious Breastplate

Avengers Gaunlets

Grasping Dead Legguards

Protectors Footgear

Colors :




Fashion Guru
Redemption looks different in some parts, and I think is not really good this. To make the look homogeneous try Illumination where Redemption looks darker, like on leggings ^^
2015-01-18 6:50

I like the color combinations (except the discrepancy between the torso yellow and the legs orange) but I don't quite get what you're going for here.
"Royal" is a word that kinda clashes with the ragged, tattered look of the Grasping Dead legs and especially the scarf. If you like heavy armor legs that look a bit like a doublet you could try Armageddon, Council Guard or even the Illustrous Tassets. (Body of Koda might also work, is a different direction, though)
2015-01-18 8:15

For me its almost perfect but i dont rly like the chest, I love it!
2017-01-26 8:13