Stylish Charr Ele

By xvalkyrie on December 7th, 2014
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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8 7
4 0
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It's difficult finding nice things to wear when you're a charr light armor wearer, so I kept mixing things until I came up with the following. It's a combination of HoM, Ascended, BLTC, and karma gear.


Fashion Guru
Stylish charr are the best charr. Heritage gear works awesome for setting that up :)

That said, if the clipping on the robe ever irks you, you can take a tip from Evon Gnashblade and use the ascalonian performer pants from AC - they'd look lovely with that gear as well.
2014-12-07 20:19

Fashion Guru
i like this a lot. very pretty charr. the colors are awesome
2015-05-14 13:17