Cute Santa Helper Outfit

By Princess Cinderella on December 1st, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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3 5
9 1
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Perfect for the holidays.

This ensemble feature a cute scarf to keep U warm when adventuring in the Winter Day cold.

Playful fuzzy snow balls tether boots compliments the looks.

Green bow like design lets everyone know U are ready for the season of giving.


Princess Cinderella
Season Greetings. :)
2014-12-01 6:18

pretty bad picture quality...
use high settings for those "shootings" and make sure those pictures won't get that small ;)
2014-12-01 18:46

Princess Cinderella
Is there a command to force it to take higher quality resolution?
2015-02-08 4:15