Glacial Guardian

By FrenziedRabbit on October 20th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
4 9
6 1
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Just a basic look I have for my Guardian.
Items are:
Head: Mask of the Queen
Shoulders: Scallywag Pauldrons
Chest: Scallywag Chest
Gloves: Grasping Dead Gauntlets
Lower: Grasping Dead Legguards
Feet: Protector's Footgear

Dyes used: Celestial and Deep Glacial Sky
Any suggestions on the dye would be appreciated.


Top is far wider and heavier than the bottom; your legs look like twigs (gw2 human issue). Change to thicker legs/boots and it will help off-set the pauldrons (I would still ditch the pauldrons for something sleeker). Lose the mask.
2014-10-21 0:35

Double Rainbow
-- Comment has been removed --
2014-10-21 15:34

I love it but if you need help I would suggest trying other headgears
2014-12-12 21:57