Glorious Guardian

By Midnight Dancers on October 4th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
7 9
5 1
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Guardian using the glorious pauldrons from the PvP reward track


Looks absolutely awesome, especially with "that" shield. Give it to me. Now! :>
The Sword doesn't fit too perfectly in my opinion. Did you consider something like Ebon Vanguard Sword?
2014-10-05 7:06

Midnight Dancers
Yeah the sword is not final thanks for the tip :)
2014-10-05 10:12

Slap an Infinite Light on that and it's purrrrfect! Love it so far, aside from the shield. Especially that you incoorperated the Inquest Top, which is one of my favorites!
2014-10-06 1:54

Midnight Dancers
Yeah I just casually buy an infinite light :P I will update the pictures soon. I now use a ascalonian sword, the ebon vanguard sword was a little bit too short for my taste. I also adjusted the colors. The celestial is just a little bit too bright.
2014-10-06 7:17