Valkyrie Guardian

By Eyvindr on September 29th, 2014
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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6 10
6 0
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Norn cultural armor and Light of Dwayna with Sunrise and Calcite Antique weapons, also the Selfless potion. Dyes used are Lemon Tint, Avodaco and Celestial. Avocado dye really fits the hilt guard of the Sunrise and it took me quite some time to finally find the matching color. I'm aware of the fact that this look is not that unique and that there are probably hundreds of Norn women sporting some slight variation of this look but I think we can agree on the fact that artists who made this possible deserve some serious respect (especially Kekai Kotaki, who is behind the Norn cultural armor and Sunrise as far as I know).


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