(Un)-Holy Warrior

By Becii on September 5th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
11 21
5 3
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My new Warrior Mix - nothing from the same Set! enjoy and tell me whenever u like it why ;)

first i tought bout t2 shoulders coz they work better with the wings but i like the way the t3 sholders fit to the hood ^^'


Waiting for more pics, what i see so far - I do like. I will give you a silver till I see more ;)
2014-09-05 6:59

frigging love it!!!!
2014-09-06 11:58

Fashion Guru
thx :3
2014-09-06 19:37

William Nicholas
Fashion Collector
What about Arah leggings? I feel like she's missing a cape or a skirt (god forbid) or something of the likes.
2014-09-08 22:02

Fashion Guru
na i hate arah leggs tbh everyone is wearing em and there is no proper breastpiece then the arah to wear it with so a nogo for me i like it the way it is and will not chance it anyway sry ^^ but u can take my creation and try sth else with it no problem there ^^
2014-09-09 2:50

Really cool!
2014-09-10 2:28

Muesli King
Fashion Collector
Love that last screenshot ! It's a cool mask but I think you shouldn't hide her face ;-)
2015-08-18 21:02