Standard Red 'n' Black Assassin

By Swedishmoose on September 1st, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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Way too many people use this chest, but I still love it. Tried to just work around a subdued look centering on the chest piece (still surprised how amazing the Studded Leggings look). Went with Ebony instead of other darker blacks coz it doesn't screw up the leather textures (extra screens for examples). Just wanted to share the first full 80 look I ever made. XD


Considering it is your first look, this is good! These days a lot of rogues use this hood, though. More than the chest piece it's what bothers me.
2014-09-01 13:29

Tried masks, but I didn't like it with hair, didn't seem Assassin-y enough. Would you think switching it into the Inquest Helm would help? Pretty much the same point except tighter and with the mask, but it does have that colored stripe up top for variety (Whispers is too much, too poofy). Thanks btw :)
2014-09-03 9:02

Sure, why not? Go ahead and try it! :
2014-09-06 15:13