White Sylvari

By ebul on August 23rd, 2014
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
3 12
10 0
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I wanted to mix both metal with cultural and still get a leafy look for this guardian sylvari. And since I'm not adept of too flashy things I finally went with 2 set of armors mixed together.

Weapons :
Warden sword
Soft wood torch

I welcome any suggestion to improve that look!


You managed to blend the metal in well, but it stlll looks to naked and somewhat plain even a bit boring. Maybe it is cause of the colors. But that is just my taste.
2014-08-25 1:56

Fashion Collector
The midnight ice on the metal is a really nice touch--the opalescence lends itself to the cultural armor.

That said, I think it could be vastly improved by adding a tertiary color.
2014-09-06 15:49

Thanks for your advices guys I tend to agree with you. Yumejin, what kind of color would you recommend ?
2014-09-08 5:11

Something like Blue tint would make a good tertiary color and not take away from the color scheme you have going or any other cooler color really.
2014-10-23 23:54