Legendary Pride Stance

By Taelaestaeri on March 31st, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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Requiem Armor (insert rainbow hearts)

Specify armor isn't working;
- All armor parts are Requiem (heavy).
- All dye slots except the last are Permafrost.
- Helm: Imperial Red
- Shoulders: Aureus
- Breast: Destroyer Orange
- Gloves: Canopy
- Pants: Oasis
- Shoes: Bloodstone Violet
- Vermillion Wings Backpack: (clockwise) Searing, Nightmare, Oasis, Arcane.


I fucking love it.
2021-03-31 20:16

Fashion Guru
Rainbow colors is not really something new, especially lacks excitement here, as there is no armor mix at all
2021-04-08 7:22