My First Guardian

By Ripley on February 16th, 2021
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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This is my first Look on Gw2 Style :)
I appreciate Tipps on the Outfit or the dyes.


Fashion Guru
The outfit itself in terms of item composition is alright but the dye scheme is quite uniform, pretty much everything is gold.
Try playing with different materials and colours. Looking at your backpack and weapons can help there.

You have wings on the back and wings on the pants. Are there ways to tie those together with colors? Maybe try different hues of blue, teal or green for the cloth coat.
The shoulders also stand out especially as having quite a variety of materials, yet they are all dyed in gold.
You could totally preserve the "all gold" look but experiment with different tones and hues to get more variety, texture and contrast in there.

The gw2 dye panel lets you sort dyes by both material and color and even preview dyes you don't own, which can be very helpful for experimenting and playing around.

2021-02-17 3:05

I like looks that are close to reality.
First point of criticism - colors!
Second point of criticism - Houndskin Mantle (I like and also like to use), the with heavy armor looks weird to me. Such a fur collar fits much better with leather or cloth. You have some fabric on the leg dress and for medieval guards that would be ok, but then I would take cape as back part and also adjust colors accordingly (gray, silver, brown, beige). The same applies to wings on the head...
Looking at your character, I don't see here any idea and keypiece around which your armor is built.... If this is your back piece, I would also use the same color scheme for armor. Black fabric on leg dress, grey on boots and dark purple hair color looks chaotic here (as already written in the top comment, maybe use some white color matching the back, something lighter (antique, cinders) for gold accents).
And here is also search function, where you should enter your preferred armor part and can look at already existing looks...
2021-02-17 4:33

I kinda wanted to match witch the color of the wings thats why i used the gold dye, but i see that this i too much ^^ i will try experimenting with some other dyes like u said some green or blue tones :3 ty for the help and the inspiration :)
2021-02-17 8:03 in reply to Gewreid