Branded-Crystal Champion

By MECH on January 15th, 2021
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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My first time with this, so here goes.

As Aurine touched her Grandfathers heart, and in doing so, claimed him legacy, and birthright. Kralkatorik also let a final parting gift.

Stood before her was her very own Branded-Crystal Champion.

Deathly loyal to her mother, and to her, but also to her grandfather all the same.

His Armour reflected images of her past, shining like her mother, Glint, the crystal Dragon. As soothing as the though was at first, Aurine could also see that her Champions armour also reflected her grandfather.

Dark draconic markings that stood proud and dominant, just like her grandfather before his fall.

The Crystal fractals that appeared like living element of his armour, looked as though they had been caught in an eternal battle. Conflicted between the purity of her mother, and the conflicted tyrant that became her grandfather.

With a clear, almost bright white centre, yet with a branded purple glow seeming to try and dominate the fractals.

What unsettled Aurine the most however. The branded crystal skin of her new champion, and the seemingly endless and relentless purple glow emanating from both his body, and armour.

Was this a gift from her grandfather, or a curse she would have to bare?

Only time would tell.


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