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There is hardly any other historical person who is as divided as Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821).
Some see him as a brilliant strategist who guarded the legacy of the French Revolution, while others see him as the oppressor of other peoples.
It is undisputed, however, that Napoleon was a unique strategist, reformer and statesman who had a decisive influence on his time.
_____________________________________________________________________________A few crazy facts about Napoleon

1.60, 1.65, 1.70 metres - how tall was Napoleon really?
The characteristics of Napoleon I include his small stature and his distinctive hat. One was an optical illusion, the other a deliberate statement, says his biographer Günter Müchler.
For his enemies the case was clear. The English mocked him as a 'little boney'; at the Viennese Court they joked about 'le petit homme', but often enough behind closed doors, because the number of defeats that 'the little man' had inflicted on the Habsburg imperial state actually mocked the mockery.

Napoleon was superstitious
Yes, he was, and that he always carried a picture of his wife Josephine with him in battle is still halfway normal. He hated Fridays, the number 13, and thought the 2nd of December was his lucky day because:
2.12.1804: Coronation of the emperor
2.12.1805: Victory at Austerlitz

To express his displeasure, a rebellious farmer called one of his pigs Napoleon. The discovery of this led Napoelon to enact a law prohibiting pigs from being named after him. The latter ban still applies today. When the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell was translated into French, a pig that is actually called Napoleon in history had to be renamed César.

Napoleon was very fond of his wife Joséphine. There was only one problem: it seemed that Joséphine liked her pug called Fortune more than Napoleon. Even before the wedding, Fortune had claimed a permanent place in Joséphine's bed. Napoleon had a choice: either accept it or sleep somewhere else. When Napoleon wanted to be intimate with his wife on the wedding night, Fortune was not at all pleased and attacked the newcomer in bed, which ended with bloody wounds and a scar on Napoleon's leg.
Today a little cosplay and some history. I show my latest look - Napoleon. I had this idea when I got the Warlord's armor (WvW skirmish reward track).First a few sentences about Bicorne. The fact that this widespread headgear became a trademark was due to the way Napoleon wore it: en bataille, i.e. with the wings parallel to the shoulders and not, as usual, at right angles to them. Together with the simple jewellery, a three-coloured cockade, the grey coat and the plain uniform, Napoleon deliberately created a "perfect iconography of modesty". This succeeded so realistically that even experienced contemporaries mistook him for a servant...
First problem with this look: armor pieces take very different colours, so I tried to compensate as much as possible. Second problem: I couldn't use boots, because all the ones I tried have clipping errors (luckily there are some portraits of Napoleon also with half boots).
During Napoleon's war french briquet cutlass and flintlock carbine was used. For game characters you could use Privateer weapons or Cavalier weapon skins.

I hope you have fun with my Napoleon!

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looks pretty good!
2020-10-25 12:05

2020-10-25 15:04 in reply to morv

Here be one apart from the others!

Sorry about the poor wordplay, your cosplay however is terrific!
2020-10-26 8:29

Thank you. It's nice that you like it
2020-10-26 14:54 in reply to northerner

Nice high effort set, love the historical theme of it.
2020-10-27 8:42

Thank you!
2020-10-27 19:29 in reply to onframe

Wow, that's a really good look. Mind if I ask you, what is that chest piece name? I'm just coming back to gw2 after some months of break.
2020-11-26 18:57

Thanks for compliment.
This is the Warlord's Raiment obtained for the WvW skirmish reward track (
2020-11-27 6:00 in reply to Aaron